VIATOR Transfer, Kiss László


Viator Transfer Ltd. is a dynamically developing company on the transfer market. We provide full service of airport business transfer, passenger transport and small package delivery for our partners.

In our work we strive to meet the requirements imposed on us.

We work quickly and reliably adapting to market needs.

VIATOR Transfer

- Get your way with a reliable partner -



Viator Transfer Ltd. undertakes airport, railway-station and hotel transfers both inland and abroad.


Viator Transfer Ltd. undertakes the complete coordination of transport and transportation of private individuals, multinational companies, small businesses and also their business partners and their guests.


Viator Transfer Ltd. undertakes delivery of small consignments inland or abroad according to demand. The package delivery can be pre-ordered or urgent.

Did you leave some parcels or documents at home or in the office? No problem! We will pick it up and deliver it immediately.

- Execution of business journeys for CEOs and managers -
- We can provide an English speaking driver if needed -
- We accept credit cards (VISA, Master Card and AMERICAN EXPRESS) -
- In case of cross-linked company contracts we offer a customized monthly framework and financial option -
- We provide soft-drinks and magazines in our vehicles to make your trip more comfortable -
We accept the following bankcards
If you want to get transfer for more than 5 persons, we`ve prepared a smallbus.
It is suggested for business teams, sport crews, families and any smaller groups.